Our tours are designated for all levels of fitness and individual’s cycling ability. The booking can be made to our main office by e-mail, phone call, or contacting your travel agency. Please inform us your height to allow us select the best bike for your best comfort and pain-free cycling.

The tour can be customized to suit your desired routes and itineraries. The D.I.Y.s are welcome.

For inquiry or booking, just contact;

  081 077 0559 

  076 486 610 or e-mail : khaolak.cycling@gmail.com

Booking can be confirmed by e-mail. Payment can be made on the trip day or by appointment when you arrived to Khaolak.

Our staff will contact you via e-mail.
Please meke sure your e-mail address is correct.

The joiner understands that during this type of adventure travel, some risks and dangers may occur and agrees to assume all risks associated with this type of adventure travel, also understands that the joiner is travelling in areas which may be remote, subject to varying climate conditions or politically unstable.

We recommend that the joiner buys insurance before leaving the home country. It should provide cover against theft, personal accident, personal liability and medical expenses. We carry minimal insurance to cope with minor medical emergencies that may occur during the tour. This insurance is not intended to replace comprehensive travel insurance.